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Surprise! We’ve updated this website—at long last! But it’s still very much a work in progress, and we’ll value any feedback you may wish to share. Thanks!  


Mark’s popular color-cycling animated landscapes can finally be viewed on your mobile devices. Not just more unauthorized, knock-off GIFs, but Mark’s original 8-bit scenes—with all their 24-hour features restored and functioning. Check it out!


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Enjoy more of Mark’s art in this fabulous upcoming card game inspired by Sonia Lyris’s SEER series. Take a look!

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Find Mark Ferrari’s ‘8-bitish’ background art in Ron Gilbert’s latest BLOCKBUSTER retro-point-and-click adventure game. Learn more here!

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Explore Mark’s recent art and writing:

With so many new projects in the works, there is always new imagery and writing projects to discover.


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And, of course…

Mark’s older work is still archived here for your enjoyment. But with new projects coming all the time, we hope you’ll be back soon to see what’s next!