Post 26: Against all odds—TWICE is launched!


The harder they come—

—the harder they fall.

It’s been another extremely EXTREME week here in Lake World-be-gone, my new home, as I navigated this latest week of inter-state travel, further inexplicable computer catastrophe, and the final days of preparation for the launch of my online, illustrated, subscription serial, TWICE!


Last week—as you may recall—rather than the next ‘Cirque du High School tour’ installment, which you may have been anticipating—or dreading, I eked out a relatively short post about my then-latest computer death event, followed by some reflections on the nature and meaning of my upcoming online serial. That post began without the usual stock photo image—since I was suddenly unequipped to find or install one, ended with a cryptic note about yet another computer failure in Portland, Oregon (That’s right!) and disjointed jokes about my “last transmission…” and was finally posted by my friend and tech-guru, creator of the Living Worlds App, and “digital renaissance man,” Ian Gilman, in Seattle. THANK YOU, IAN—for helping me get last week’s post out—and so, so, soooooo much more!

Wow, people! My cocky assertion two weeks ago about getting TWICE ‘out and awesome’ no matter what ‘broken furniture and burning cars’ the universe might through into my path next was DULY SEEN AND RAISED BY THE FRIGGIN’ UNIVERSE! You can bet I’ll be ever so much more careful in the future about cocky predictions aimed at big opponents!

My treacherous Lenovo Think Pad is currently in Atlanta, Georgia—being gutted and repaired—or replaced altogether. Not sure which yet. Hours after I got to Portland last Saturday night, it blue-screened—again—as I tried to boot it up—six days after James in Anacortes had wiped and resurrected it the first time! I write this post to you now on the most adorable—and robust—homemade ‘computer-bot’ you have ever seen. (See photo at top of post!) Literally, an open-top case the size of a small cake box, full of brilliantly cobbled-together components and a giant fan, assembled on the fly for me by a profoundly computer-savvy friend here on the island while I was in Portland last weekend losing my computer—again. THANK YOU, GREG HANCOCK—“technologist, entrepreneur, skeptic,” and prince among men! Without you, I’d have lost this latest tussle with the universe for sure!

I got home from that family trip to Portland last Tuesday evening, with a giant crack in our windshield courtesy of bouncing gravel on I-5, my completely dead computer, and three days left to get all the TWICE website, content, and launch/delivery infrastructure finished and operational. Went directly from the ferry landing to Greg’s house to pick up baby R2d2, and came home to package up the dead Lenovo for a Fed Ex pick-up that never came, and got back to work! The thing is—with the help of my stalwart wife and generous, amazingly capable friends—I did it! In spite of every card that nasty universe played!


As of this week, I finally have a Twitter account, up and…well, mostly running! After years of resistance, Mark Ferrari has started ‘tweeting.’ (Should I be bragging about that?) I even found out tonight where all the other people’s tweets are stored—and started replying to them!

And after years of hemming and hawing, I’ve also launched a Patreon page now! You all can help keep me eating—if you should feel so moved—while I pump out TWICE for free!

I even made a new Facebook page this week, focusing on my various creative endeavors—currently mostly TWICE. I will be figuring out what to do with that new page—er—real soon. :]

But more important than any of that, I have managed—against all odds—to get the new—reformatted—fully functional TWICE website up and running, with all its content in place and up to snuff, and sent out the first ‘new-episode link’ email to well over a hundred subscribers on Friday afternoon (Pacific time)—just as promised. If you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure to do so before next Friday afternoon when the next new episode goes out—so you don’t have to wait yet another week to catch up with the cool kids. ;]


And, if all that weren’t enough, after so many previous failures at the whole ‘blogging’ thing, I have posted 26 weeks in a row now, without fail. All of which leads to one, obvious question:

Who am I—really? And what have I done with Mark Ferrari?

Okay, I guess that’s actually two questions. Which bodes well, I suppose, since the real Mark Ferrari could never count very well either… So, perhaps I haven’t been replaced by a pod-person after all.


All that said, cyber-pals, I am proud, relieved, and exhausted as hell tonight. So, I hope you’ll forgive me if I leave it here this week—one more time—and get back to our tour of Cirque du High School next week. …Maybe. … If the universe doesn’t kill me first for bragging about beating it this week.

We shall see…

Right now, there are two big rats eating out of the bird feeder, so I guess I better go. I still got a lot to catch up on around here.

Have an awesome 4th of July!

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