Post 3: And still ticking!



A private commission in Prismascolor pencil from 1988

Here I am—again! Now tied with my previous record for blog-persistence and still not vanished. Pretty encouraging, huh? :]

flourish 01 Wht sm.png

It’s been a fast, full, and wintry week in Lake World-be-gone. The days may be getting longer now, but you’d never know it on the ground here. Sun still seems to come up sometime well after breakfast. Still full dark well before dinner. And SO much to do during the brief patch of pale silvery light between—which is how I came to be stacking firewood at a friend’s house last night entirely by moonlight—well before dinner...inside a five foot high tunnel between laurel hedge and wall...largely by Braille—sometimes with my head. BUT that’s a more complicated tale than I should get into just now—as so many are—so let’s move on to all the little ways that people in our house are getting famous this week, shall we?


As usual, my lovely wife, Shannon Page, leads the way. Just a couple weeks ago she suddenly entered a fiercely confessional phase, and decided to write an article—or two—or six—for the rather addictive (and so-far AD-FREE!) all-topics essay site—Medium .com. In the two weeks since, she has somehow become one of the leading writers in their ‘Relationships’ category! (Not a small category, as you might guess.) ‘Well, of course,’ you say. ‘How could suffering through you—even for a couple arduous years—fail to turn any woman into a relationship savant—with a lot to get off her chest?’ But her sage insights are not entirely my doing—as you’ll see just by reading...oh, which one...which one? I know! How about, ‘I Was A Trophy Wife’—currently at 2000 reads since its publication on January 2nd. Two weeks in—she’s a “featured Writer”—at their invitation—with 121 followers—and movin’ up! She does nothin’ by halves, my wife. No.


Following at a very distant second in this week’s fame and fortune race is Shannon’s husband, (Yes. Still me this week), with an unlooked-for invitation from Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg—which, for all you non-German-speakers like myself out there, is ‘The German National Museum, Nuremburg’ (in Germany, FYI) about a colored-pencil image of Frodo from LoTR (shown at the top of this post) that I drew waaayyyyy back in 1988—which they apparently wish to include—along with numerous other images—on the entrance wall of their upcoming exhibition entitled Heldenreisen – Wege ins Paradies or, ‘Hero's Journeys – Ways to Paradise.’ Yes, a brutally run-on sentence, but I am, in fact, feeling just a little breathless, so perhaps this literary faux pas best expresses the author’s intent on this occasion. The Exhibition is scheduled to run from 11/4/19 through 10/1/21. More when I learn it!


In other news, to those of you who sent me kind and encouraging messages and inquiries during the past week—to which I have utterly failed to respond yet, please allow me to explain that I have spent pretty much every waking moment during the past week—from well before sunrise (and breakfast) to well after dark (and dinner)—when not stacking firewood by moonlight, or peeling dozens of bananas, or killing scores of small rodents, or taking out the endless rivers of kitchen waste we seem to produce here at this dark time of year...what was I writing about? Oh yes! Every waking moment finishing a rather challenging book cover that was due (and delivered) yesterday—and about which, unfortunately, I may not yet say anything more. But now that I am once again momentarily unchained from the illustrative yoke, as it were, rest assured I shall be responding to your many kindnesses post-haste! ... Which, for me, means definitely this month sometime. ... Definitely. But I have read and deeply appreciated everything you’ve sent—especially feedback on how to make this blog more readable! THANK YOU!


And while I did suggest at the end of last week’s post that I might undertake a far weightier topic of great interest to Shannon and me in this week’s post...I fear that I must once again postpone that ascent--as we have a house guest arriving fairly early tomorrow, and there is a copious layer of cobweb, woodchips, and human hair to be removed from...well, virtually every surface of the house at present. Doubtless another topic to avoid belaboring. Accidents happen. Sometimes remarkably slow ones. Let’s just leave it at that for now, shall we?

But about that weighty topic that I really do intend to tackle: next week for sure!

Or the week after—at the very latest.

I’m quite serious.

Nearly always.

However it may seem at times.

Ta. :]

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